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Portfolio Manager

2002 - 2007

  • Medicinal Chemist, BioFocus Discovery

2007 - 2010

  • Project Leader, Drug Discovery Unit

2010 -

  • Portfolio Manager, Drug Discovery Unit

Andrew is a medicinal chemist with industrial experience and capabilities in drug discovery from the validation of hits from assays, to the development of leads with in vivo efficacy. At BioFocus, Andrew worked on a number of protein kinase and ion channel drug discovery projects and designed cutting edge product lines, such as DGF-out kinase inhibitors, ion channel modulators and fragment libraries. In particular, he led the development of the first DGF-Out kinase library which sold out within 3 days based solely on its pre-production design.

Andrew joined the DDU as a project leader and successfully progressed projects through hit to lead and in to lead optimisation programs as potential treatments for nagana and leishmaniasis. He also helped to establish the Innovative Targets Portfolio; early success in the ITP led to 2 partnerships with GSK through their DPAc Scheme. Andrew is currently leading the Dermatology Portfolio.