The DDU is one of a kind in the UK – a drug discovery research lab in the heart of a university campus that brings together assay development, screening, cell biology, medicinal chemistry, structural biology, computational chemistry and Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetics (DMPK), in one integrated facility.

We continue to develop our position as a partner of choice for biopharma, product development partnerships (PDPs) and academic investigators by delivering high-quality preclinical data packages and de-risking novel drug targets for diseases of unmet medical need.

Some of our key achievements to date:


candidate drugs in clinical development


invested to date


highly-skilled scientists


licensed assets to BioPharma companies

"Neglected tropical diseases affect the poorest people in the world and, at the time, simply didn't receive the same attention within the pharmaceutical industry as more 'profitable' problems such as cancer and cardiovascular diseases."

Professor Mike Ferguson

DDU Annual Report

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Annual Report