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The DDU is widely recognised as the most developed and complete drug discovery engine working across multiple therapeutic areas in UK academia.

We are looking to recruit experienced, highly skilled scientists from the pharmaceutical industry and academia who have a professional, pioneering approach to small molecule drug discovery.

Our core team is made up of scientists from a variety of disciplines, allowing us to offer broad drug discovery expertise and knowledge, including:

  • Experience in working across a wide range of disease areas
  • Selection of targets
  • Assessment of druggability using computational analysis, experience and a wide range of hit discovery technologies
  • Computational methodology for rapid analysis, design and selection of compounds for purchase or synthesis
  • Systems for parallel synthesis and purification of designed compounds
  • Characterisation of compounds in a broad range of primary and secondary assays
  • Compound optimisation based on pharmacokinetics (PK), pharmacodynamics (PD) and physicochemical parameters, including safety pharmacology data
Working at DDU

Our key strength comes from our people and the ability to draw on a wide range of skills under one roof.

Our expertise from across the biopharmaceutical industry and academia, combined with outstanding facilities, has created a unique position for industry-ready drug discovery research within a powerful academic environment.

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