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The Innovative Targets Portfolio was established in 2009 to bridge the gap between leading academic research and commercial drug development.

Our remit is to identify high quality hit/lead compounds and translate world class biology ideas into early stage small molecule drug discovery programmes, furthering the understanding of the underpinning biology and contributing to target validation.

We have funding in place to initiate up to 10 new projects per year and to support subsequent hit validation activities on a portfolio basis.

We can deliver Lead Optimisation programmes that will include lead series, demonstrating good pharmacokinetics and target modulation in vivo, preferably with efficacy demonstrated in a pre-clinical model of disease.

We form relationships with industry and academic partners to access gold standard animal models for key disease areas.

Any net revenue generated from commercialising academic research is shared with the originator and their institution to be re-invested in research.

Contact us with your project ideas.