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Medical Charities & Funding Trusts

Medical research charities invest more than £1.6 billion per year in UK universities contributing half of all publicly funded medical research nationally. The DDU can help you to turn this research into impact by translating research ideas into new therapeutics.

To date, we have 4 candidate drugs in clinical development for malaria, visceral leishmaniasis and cancer. We aim to deliver 1 new preclinical drug candidate selection per year from our Anti-Infectives Drug Discovery activities and 1 commercial license/spinout per year from our Innovative Targets Portfolio.

The additional impact can also be measured by our success in securing follow-on-funding to continue the development of our assets.

Building strong partnerships with organisations funding scientific research for drug discovery is fundamental to our success.

Discover how our highly skilled scientists can help your organisation break barriers

Our team of scientists carry expertise from across the biopharmaceutical industry and academia, and will work collaboratively with your organisation to perform small molecule drug discovery research.