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The Diseases of the Developing World Portfolio has also allowed us to establish substantial relationships with major pharmaceutical companies as well as research councils and charitable bodies.

We work closely with the DDU both within the TB Drug Accelerator Consortium and through our partnership with DNDi. The DDU scientists are highly professional and collaborative, actively working closely with industry partners to identify and deliver high quality lead series which address target product profiles.
Dr Dale J. Kempf, Distinguished Research Fellow, AbbVie, USA

The DDU’s Innovative Targets Portfolio taps in to wealth of world-class academic research and uses research grant funding to deliver a pipeline of commercially attractive opportunities to the biopharmaceutical industry.

We are also interested in the development of industry assets that that are not currently in active development. Please contact us to discuss small molecule discovery programmes for viable assets that are dormant in your portfolio.

Intellectual Property

The DDU’s policy is to initiate patent filing when novel chemical matter has been developed and partially validated in the relevant in vivo and/or in vitro disease models. This “patent late” strategy provides a strong intellectual property position that can be abandoned upon licensing, allowing  the licensee the option to refile, thus maximising the lifespan of any resulting patents.