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The DDU has the full repertoire of professional, industry-standard expertise and infrastructure required for early stage drug discovery. These disciplines work together in an integrated management structure on our core areas of activity, Diseases of the Developing World and Innovative Targets Portfolio, and more recently an Antibacterial Drug Discovery Accelerator (ADDA), to address unmet medical need.

Our initial focus on Diseases of the Developing World has allowed us to build world-class infrastructure and capabilities and to establish substantial interactions with major pharmaceutical companies. Its success demonstrates that, when appropriately funded and resourced, the DDU can deliver significant outcomes, taking a portfolio of projects from hit discovery to optimised leads with therapeutic activity in animal models.

Our Innovative Target Portfolio was initiated in 2009 when the Medical Research Council chose the University of Dundee as one of only five UK centres to undertake a devolved portfolio of research projects with the support of its Developmental Pathway Funding Scheme.

We work in collaboration with leading experts in global diseases of unmet medical need, including cancer, diabetes, inflammatory diseases and genetic skin diseases, to bring industrial scale medicinal chemistry and discovery into contact with novel target biology.

We are also interested in antimicrobial resistance and are seeking to develop novel antibacterials against Gram negative bacteria through an Antibacterial Drug Discovery Accelerator (ADDA). Our ambition is to create a step-change in the discovery of new antimicrobial drugs.

We are constantly striving to strengthen our relationships with leading biologists from other universities who seek drug discovery collaboration on their novel targets.