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The Innovative Targets portfolio (ITP) encompasses high quality projects in any therapeutic area where there is a clinical unmet need. We seek to identify novel therapeutic targets and mechanism of disease with the aim of developing new, innovative treatments for a broad range of diseases. The output from this portfolio is data packages that describe partially de-risked novel drug targets, plus pharmacological lead compounds with supporting data in an animal and/or tissue model of disease.

We select our targets from a wealth of world-class academic research globally. Core funding allows us to take on projects which are traditionally perceived to be risky or difficult due to the unpredictable tractability of many targets, especially complex cell-based mechanisms.

Current Innovative Targets Portfolio

The current portfolio covers a range of therapeutic areas, their selection being driven by the availability of high quality projects rather than a focus on particular disease areas.

Dermatology and Genetic Medicine

We also work on rare and orphan diseases including genetic and rare dermatological diseases. The delivery of new medicines for hereditary diseases has proven slow and difficult across all areas of human genetics. This is particularly true of dermatological diseases, a field in which the University of Dundee is a leader. As part of a long-standing collaboration with Professor Irwin McLean (UoD), the DDU has been supported by the Wellcome Trust to develop drugs for cutaneous diseases, allowing us to initiate up to three new hit discovery campaigns per year. Our current projects address indications such as psoriasis, eczema and pachyonychia congenita.